Acupressure uses the same pressure points as acupuncture but instead of needles, you simply use your fingers to gently but firmly stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal. With its easy and conversational style along with step-by-step photos, you’ll discover how to heal your concerns naturally while living a pain-free and vibrant lifestyle. When acupressure points are correctly stimulated they promote blood circulation and release muscular tension. This helps to heal pain and is ideal for preventative health because it actually boosts your immune system and increases the flow of energy throughout your body.

The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Acupressure by Karin Parramore, LAc, CH


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This book covers everything you need to know about acupressure along with the history and philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 64 pressure points, and how they help to heal 64 specific health concerns. The book is broken down into easy-to-understand sections beginning with:

Part 1: Understanding Chinese Medicine and Treatment of Disease History and philosophy of TCM, The 5 Elements, The Symbolic System, Acupressure defined and its connection to our energy flow

Part 2: 12 Systems of Chinese Medicine Head (including eye, nose throat), Respiratory, Digestive, Reproductive health for women and men, Integumentary (skin disorders), Musculoskeletal, Endocrine, Lymph/Immune, Urinary, Circulatory and Nervous

Part 3: 64 Key Acupressure Points for Treating Disease Comprehensive instructions and step-by-step photos describe and explain how to apply the correct pressure for optimal health

Part 4: Treating Health Problems with Acupressure and Aromatherapy Techniques for treating all the conditions and specific instructions for treating 64 common health conditions such as toothache, tinnitus, headache, cough, asthma, acid reflux, bloating, hot flashes, morning sickness, eczema, tennis elbow, adrenal fatigue, bladder infections, anxiety, and insomnia.