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Woodlot Soap


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Rooted deeply in family traditions from the Mediterranean coast, woodlot soaps are the ultimate in simplistic purity. Each bar is made in small batches, traditionally cured for 6 weeks. A nourishing blend of olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil, with coconut and shea butters make for a rich lather, lush moisture, and pure cleansing. Rustic and ritualistic, a soap bar his the most essential and fulfilling addition to your daily routine. Choose from:Recharge A simple antidote to stress and fatigue. Experience the soothing aromas of rosemary + peppermint. 4oz Soap Bar. Flora Cleanse and purify with a base of hydrating butters, blended with relaxing lavender, refreshing bergamot, grounding cedarwood, and citrusy sweet orange. Meet botanical bliss. 4oz Soap Cinder Bring the spa home with you. Cinder is crafted with detoxifying Betonite Clay, re-mineralizing French Grey Salt, and grounding Vetiver. Rinse, lather, release. 4oz Soap Bar Amour Crafted from a base of gentle white clay and detoxifying Himalayan pink salt, this nourishing soap bar is a treat for daily cleansing, with scents of floral palmarosa, fragrant rose damask, and spicy black pepper oil. 4oz Soap Bar Wildwoods Charcoal Embrace the power of detoxifying bamboo charcoal. Blended with nourishing butters, soothing balsam oil, crisp fir oil, and warming clove oil, this cleansing bar is brimming with benefits. 4oz Soap Bar